Student awards

A total of 41 student contributions were presented at ECBOL3. The best two oral and two poster presentations have been selected by an international jury:

Poster presentation: Sofie Gombeer - University of Antwerp - Belgium; awarded by the RBINS
"Using COI and other barcodes in the development of a tool to screen mixed environmental samples for the presence of biomonitoring taxa"

Poster presentation: Jonas Mortelmans - Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences - Belgium; awarded by the RMCA
"Using DNA barcodes for assessing diversity of dance flies (Diptera: Empidoidea) and as a  basis for phylogenetic research"

Oral presentation: Sonia Hassold - Institute of Integrative Biology - Switzeland; awarded by ECBOL
"Development and validation of a barcoding strategy to support identification, Tracing and trade regulation of Malagasy rosewood"

Oral presetantion: Daniel Apolonio Silva de Oliveira - University of Ghent - Belgium; awarded by 'Program of the Human Environment - Unviversity of Rockefeller'.
"An integrative approach to characterize cryptic species in the Thoracostoma trachygaster Hope, 1967 complex (Nematoda: Leptosomatidae)"

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